Individuality In Aldous Huxley's Brave New World

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Brave New World

Brave New World, a satire piece of literature that sends off a false symbol of acquiring universal bliss in a utopian society. Aldous Huxley emphasizes that in order to achieve a stable Utopian society, there needs to be an absence of individuality, ingestion of drugs, advancement of biotechnology, numbed emotions, and recreational sex. Following these conditions correctly will produce a world filled with joy and cause people to live “happily ever after” or as others may see it...a nightmare.
Individuality is non existent factor in order to achieve an ideal society. The act of conceiving children has turned into a factory that produces human beings who are well conditioned physically and chemically and are given certain types of traits. Natural reproduction no longer exists and has been replaced by “conditioning centers” where they are dehumanized and robbed of all values where families, mothers, and fathers do not take any role in society. There is a caste system from Alpha being the highest and most intelligent. Beta who have enough intelligence to become a possible nurse or teacher. Gamma who are less respected because alcohol is being inserted into their growth chambers. Deltas which are soma production workers, and lastly, Epsilon who are almost completely moronic and illiterate. Each is set to a specific color of clothing along with a different role in society. Children are structured to be content with the lack of identity that is consumed stated by a civilian who said,” We don’t want to change. Every change is a menace to stability,” (Huxley 153). Lacking an identity causes problems with having close relationships with people, for the uniquenes...

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...e everything is perfect, yet the literal meaning for utopia is “nowhere”. No where will this idea ever be achieved, hence why I’m here reading it in a book. In order for this idea of a utopian society to work, individuality and free will must be stripped away. Huxley’s main goal through out this novel is to portray his views on todays society while manipulating humans and using technology to recreate humans as puppets rather than letting it all occur naturally. Nearly every aspect in this society is managed through technology and science along with plenty dosages of the drug soma. Huxley makes it a point to emphasize that instead of getting hooked on all the advancements of technology we need to focus on all the problems occurring through out the world. Its time to stop letting technology control us and time for us to start learning how to control our technology.
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