Individual vs Society on Suicide

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Individuals must have the power to decide if they want to put an end to their life.
Suicide might be the only solution to someone’s problem. Some would say it is a selfish act, but all the people do selfish things through their lives. Unbelievably committing suicide is illegal in some states. But to be more specific actually attempting suicide is illegal, because if it is done you are dead, but in case of failure, the person would face more drama in their life. A suicidal person is suffering from serious mental issues, which if not treated can be a threat to society, and adding up to their issues is of no good.

It is totally a personal choice, as far as you have no dependent family member who is totally relied on you. Throwing yourself into a car to die and cause serious problems for others for the rest of their lives is immoral. When the only motivation behind attempting suicide is to draw attention, is so inadequate. The most disturbing case might be committing suicide in front of others, especially those who care about that person. Other than those cases mentioned above there is no one more legitimate than the person themselves to decide about their life or death.

Some decisions in life are beyond personal, like abortion. During the early stages of pregnancy the fetus has no heart and absolutely no emotion. Maybe no one realizes that it is the mother to be, who in fact has a heart, soul, and emotion. If someone is not ready financially and emotionally to have a kid but is forced to, society is not going to take care of them. Society cannot decide on such a life changing decision. When mother is not ready to have a baby, that kid might not going to experience a great parenting. It is absolutely ins...

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...ake me come to the realization that utopia does not exists.
Whether you think that you are living a free life or not, come directly from your expectations of a free nation. One may be living in a dictator country and yet believe that he is living freely in a paradise, merely because he has been told so. But it does not mean that individuals must be kept from their own rights. Once you have the right to express your thoughts freely and without any consequences you can say you are guaranteed a free life.

Without freedom, safety would eventually lead to dictatorship and fascism. A free nation with less security has a better potential to build up and grow than the nation which is safe but not free. Giving people the right to choose their own way of living will slowly help them grow intellectually more, so they will determine their own safety too.
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