Individual Psychology Of Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago

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Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago is a senator of the 16th Congress of the Republic of the Philippines. In her track record as a public servant, she worked under the cabinet of some past presidents of the country. She is very famous for her actions on penalizing some law violators under her department. As for her personality, she can be described as a person who is very strong, vocal and highly intellectual. She has this character of not being afraid of expressing her opinion to those people she criticized. Also, she is an activist for some certain issues on the society and the government today regarding corruption like the PDAF scam.
Under the lens of Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler, we can use some concepts under this school of thought that strongly pinpoints augmentation or the integration of a person. With the use of concept of inferiority feeling, we can analyze the personality of Sen. Miriam Santiago if she uses this basic curiosity feeling to strive for success (social interest) or for her strive of superiority (selfish interest). Also we can view of how her personality was formed by using some core concepts under this school of thought like the style of her life and her birth order.
First, for the concept of the style of her life, we can analyze the senator’s personality of having this sense of strict following of the rules and laws. She was raised by a father who was a court judge and mother who was a college dean. In her parents alone, we can say that she was raised under law. According to her interviews, during her childhood and adolescence, she had to follow strictly her mother’s order to study well and have less time to play. For this instance, we can infer that her style of life of being obedient to follow the ru...

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...kes her strive for either success or superiority, thus, creating this personality that is too unique for us to observe in an individual. As for observation, Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago’s person, as for many people can see, is greatly is in the interest of the public for the success of humanity rather for superiority.
In conclusion, as for Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler, we have this inferiority feeling to strive for either to have a final goal of success or superiority. As for Adler, we, people by nature are emphatic and we are men and women for others. In this school of thought, man is not viewed as a certain broken piece of glass but man is viewed as a whole integrated being. It stressed the sense of uniqueness of every individual for we are differently created by our experiences and we have this right to create ourselves out of our individual free will.

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