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A group can be defined as several individuals who come together to accomplish a particular task. In the case of my group, the five of us were assigned the task of coming up with a six-hour training program detailing the importance and need for public relations in companies. As a task group Joanna, Diana, Eric, Paige, and I were brought together to accomplish a narrow range of goals within a specific time period. Joanna and I assigned goals and certain tasks to the different people in our group and shortly after our initial meeting in class, emergent roles started to naturally develop to meet the needs of the group at a specific time. Despite a few miscommunications and scheduling conflicts, our group worked well together.
Group cohesiveness refers to bonding between group members and their desire to remain part of the group. I believe that the cohesiveness of our group was due mostly to task commitment. We had a strong desire to work together to complete our shared tasks and accomplish our collective goals. As members of a task-oriented group we exhibited interdependence and I think many of us felt a personal responsibility for the group’s outcome. In addition to task commitment, I found the members of my group to be easy to work with and agreeable. The bonds that developed between us came from our concerted effort to achieve a common goal, which is indicative of group cohesiveness. Our cohesiveness and ability to work well as a group directly resulted into what we thought was a good performance. Also, our group cohesiveness effected our member satisfaction. I found myself being satisfied with the members in my group because I was please with the way our team worked together.
In our group, norms were acceptable standards of beha...

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...tates group discussion by taking care of logistical concerns like where meetings are and what supplies we needed to bring to the meeting. I think I was a good group member. On top of my Prezi slides and written proposal, I put together the bibliography of everyone’s sources and was always open for communication. I can label myself as an opinion giver because I often expressed my opinions and beliefs about what the group should be doing in order to do better our presentation, which was constructive because it started conversations where we would bounce ideas off each other.
Overall, I mostly enjoyed my group members and I believed that collectively we came up with a good presentation and a good written proposal. We all walked away from being a group being more knowledgeable and feeling accomplished because we completed our task and bonded through group cohesiveness.
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