Individual Knowledge: The Power Of Knowledge And Individual Power

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Knowledge and Individual Power
A known famous quote is that “Knowledge is Power” and all the three literary works illustrate just how powerful an individual deems himself to be when he has the knowledge and deep understanding of self, the surrounding and even science.
To start with, in “The Birthmark”, Aylmer is a scientist who is greatly knowledgeable in every branch of philosophy. It is with this knowledge that Aylmer believes that within him is great power to create new worlds for himself. He believes in his power to correct nature’s imperfection as indicated by his desire to perfect his wife by riding her of her hand-like birthmark. Doubt not my power—thought that might almost have enlightened me to create a being less perfect than yourself
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The writer reminds us that usually it is the majority that wins even when it is wrong. Mad people can be called crazies, and divinest here is in a godlike manner. So the writer says that the crazies usually are godlike. They have an understanding that is incomprehensible. The writer also states the truth that for one not to be named crazy, he or she usually has to go with the flow, also known as the majority. Having the knowledge and understanding that the society at large is not always right, gives one the individual power needed to stand alone and stand their ground. The power to even propel change in the…show more content…
In the three narratives, the writers have been able to capture the audience’s attention and mind rhetorically. In “The Birthmark”, the writer has appealed to the reader’s self- interest as well as the emotions. It is a story about love. About a man that greatly cherished his wife but after their marriage he begins to see faults in her. Faults that had previously not bothered him. It appeals to the sense of sympathy for the woman as she finds herself married to a man who now sees her as less beautiful. The writer takes readers through the process that Aylmer’s wife, Georgina had to undergo because she was a devoted wife, devoted to her husband’s happiness. In “Much Madness is Divine Sense”, the writer uses logos as a means of persuasion. She seeks reader’s sense of reason as she supports her position. The writer uses facts that are actually in agreement. It is a fact that the majority is not always right. It is also a sad truth that the majority almost always wins even when it is wrong. That which is considered to be the authority usually has the upper hand while those under it have no choice but to follow. Being in agreement with the majority is what many terms as sane. There are also appeals to consequences when one decides to stand their ground. Dickinson warns that when one stops to be a follower, and they are named dangerous and handled with a chain. It brings up images of
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