Individual Case Study

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Individual Case Study
First of all, through this assignment I have learned that sometimes as a social worker it is very important to explore the multiple dimensions of diversity in an increasingly globalized society. In addition, I also learned that as social workers we must take issues of diversity, culture, and discrimination into consideration whenever necessary. It is important to identify the characteristics of and refrain from discriminating against people due to their cultural differences, even when it relates to the medical field and medical practices. Everyone should be treated with respect and dignity, regardless of race, social group, cultural or traditional customs.
According to our book, “Diversity recognizes
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Through the course of my career I have learned a lot about the Chinese culture. Therefore, I can contend that there are many differences between the Chinese and the mainstream culture. The Chinese approach tends to focus on the yin and yang, which refers to the mind, body and spirit. The yin and yang are viewed as dynamic, complimentary, and not necessarily oppositional. It symbolizes that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Chinese believe that there is a relationship between their body, the environment and social factors. For instance, “giving birth causes a loss of yang, or heat, which must be restored.” That is why there are particular foods that have to be eaten, the rest time, and the control of their body temperature in order to maintain their health. Therefore, they do not violate the traditions and wisdoms of their own culture for the sake of their own health. On the other hand, in the United States the views are very different. People see pregnancy as a fragile state, but many do not believe nor adhere to the same philosophies that the Chinese do. Most women usually get early and regular prenatal care which is an important part of pregnancy. Visit their doctor regularly to make sure mother and baby are doing well. Unlike the Chinese, the U.S. doctor will usually revert to pills, whether it is a multi-vitamin or iron
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