Indicating symbols in A Rose for Emily

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In their stories, authors don’t like to be straightforward with the characters or objects they present. Yes, they will be described as to how they look or the stuff they do depending if it’s in third or first person. Most of the time, the reader will only see the characters/objects as they are presented but in reality there is way more to it than what the author is writing. The authors feel it’s boring, so they use a tool which is what we call symbolism. They use symbolism not only to give a more clear meaning to the object they repeatedly present, but to give it a deeper meaning. In basketball, the scoreboard, jerseys, colors, posters can be used as symbols. For example, the colored jerseys have numbers and names on them. The name represents the player and his ownership, and the color represents that they are the away team.
In the short story A rose for Emily, the father of a beautiful young girl named Emily who has taken care of her her whole life dies. Emily who has always been kept from men by her father ends up falling in love with a Yankee Homer Barron awhile after her father’s death. The community sees that young Emily and homer are always seen together and are always going out. Soon they see that homer is nowhere to be seen and Emily no longer is seen outside her for a couple of years. This seems odd to the towns people and later start to notice a horrible odor coming from her house, a couple of men from the town go to her house at night and spread lime (calcium oxide) which is used to remove odors. Within time the smell goes away. Emily is still no longer seen for the remainder of the years up until her death in her own house when the townspeople are invited to mourn Emily. A couple of ladies decide to search the house...

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