Indian Trails Middle School Experience

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Introduction I was given an assignment to go to a school for 15 observation hours. While arriving, I was introduced to the observing teacher and all my questions were answered during our meeting. She explained to me what was going to happen in these past few days and treated me like I was a co-worker instead of a stranger. She gave me a tour of the school and while we walked we had a friendly conversation. At Indian Trails Middle School most of the children are Caucasian, but there are many African-American children, Hispanics, and many other nationalities. They have many accommodations for ESE or ELL children and would gladly help any child out if they need it. I got right into the swings of things the first day when I was observing gifted students. Culturally Responsive Teacher A teacher’s attitude can affect students greatly. With a positive attitude children can feel positive themselves. Teachers have to give students hope and give them complements for when they do well because if they keep hearing they are smart and did a good job they’ll start believing it. It would also be the same if a teacher tells a child that they are a failure and is stupid. If they keep hearing that they will think they can’t learn. Stereotypes are also very important for teachers to be aware of and also be careful with. When being teachers, even though stereotypes will always be in the back of our minds, we have to ignore them. We have to believe that everyone, no matter what is going on with them, can learn and is smart. They also have to treat each child with respect. If they know that a child is a “bad kid” they can treat them differently because of what they hear, but really the child just might have issues at home. Culturally responsive teach... ... middle of paper ... ...ondary education and I was able to choose where I volunteered at again, I would definitely choose Indian Trails Middle School. Every teacher that I observed was kind and welcomed me into their class. The students they had were also kind and accepted me as just a visitor. With me being there this didn’t distract them from their task which was quite surprising. This makes me want to be a teacher even more when I see other teachers doing what they love. You can really tell that some of them really loved what they did and were able to manage their classrooms well. I can’t wait until I finish off college and become a teacher as well. Works Cited Culturally Responsive Teaching. (n.d.). Retrieved April 30, 2014, from Flagler County Schools. Retrieved April 30, 2014, from

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