Indian Industrialization

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‘We need industry, growth, investment’ was the concluding comments of a member of parliament from the state of Orissa, India (rediff news, 2007). He echoes the general view of his fellow citizens that industrialization is a must for a sustainable growth and better life. The chapter would be divided into various sections to analyze the relevant areas in detail. The first section would provide a comprehensive review on requirement of Industrialization for the development. This would be followed detail study of Indian Industrialization segregated in three different parts Growth, Maturity and Future. In the following part discussion will be done on different effects of Industrialization in India. The next chapter will give a detail view of importance Land with its different paradigm like its reform and acquisition process. To examine the industries’ response on the affected community different Corporate Social Responsibility theories will be discuss in the next chapter. Final section would look at the transformation of CSR activities in India, an attempt will be made to understand the ...
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