India 's Largest Institute For Supply Chain Management

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Institute for Supply Management, INDIA (ISMS-INDIA) based in Gurgaon (Delhi-NCR), which have many chapters in major, cities of India. ISM-INDIA is affiliated to Institute for supply management in the USA which is the world’s largest institute for supply chain management. The main aim of cooperation is to provide opportunities for the promotion of supply management professions and expansion of skills and knowledge of professionals. ISM-INDIA works with many MNC’s, major companies and public sector of India in professionalizing supply management activities. As per definition supply chain management is the management of different stages of all business activities and processes which is necessary to manage demand and supply on a global scale. The commodity is passing through various stages i.e. from supplier to manufacturer to wholesaler to retailer to consumer to the end customer. With the increasing of globalization of business, uncertainty of supply networks and shortening of product life cycles have forced the organizations to look beyond the collaboration with supply chain partners. It also involves procurement of raw materials, manufacturing and distribution management of finished goods.SCM is the art of proving the right product, At the right time, At the right place, and At the right cost to the customer. New challenges for organizations all over the world are the interplay of three C’s namely, customers, competition, and convergence. Consumers have become discriminating in their choice of products and services. The pressure of competition has accelerated technology development lifecycles. Convergence has shifted the balance of power in favor of consumers by giving way to integration of economies. In today’s world all the c... ... middle of paper ... ... of logistics within the companies. In 1990’s companies entered into the new agreements with existing partners and distribution channels. Manufactures began to realize the importance of external partnerships and start focusing on cooperation and communication within their own walls. In this decade of 2000’s, Globalization has increased, which play a great role in supply chain decisions. The new technologies, RFID (radio frequency identification) has entered and continuously improved. Increased global sourcing and cooperation on design development, demand planning has also appeared. Rapidly changing technology and customer expectations have increased day by day which helps in the increasing the profit of supply chain management in the success of the organization. The fact that supply managers are active participants in the organizations strategic planning process.
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