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Country Overview
The stone age of India is estimated to around 500,000 years old; there have been many tools that were forged by humans that are believed to be from this period. The Bronze Age is known for the Indus Valley Civilization, which inhabited the northwestern part of the Indian continent. This can be traced back to 3300 BCE to 1300BCE. This is significant because it is “one of the world’s earliest, urban civilizations” (History of India, n.d.). During the Vedic Period (1500-500 BCE), the Aryans had a strong influence along with the strong growth of Hinduism.
In 1000 BCE to 500 BCE the rise of urbanization was seen in the Mahajanapadas. These were the sixteen republics which were small kingdoms where mention of Buddhist and Jain literature evidence was found. The Mughal Empire had a strong impact in 1526, until 1600 in which India was under its control. Slowly the empire had a decaying that finally took a blow in 1857. India was free and declared its independence. Later in the colonial era around the 16th century, European countries started using trading posts in India. However these were later exploited and those countries established colonies inside of the country.
In the 1600s the British rule began in India until India declared independence in 1947. In the 20th century the great Mahatma Gandhi led a revolution promoting non-violent disobedience. Gandhi also tried to promote the unity of two religious groups Hindus and Muslims as they had been uneasy for many years. There was much worry about one religious denomination would control the government.

A government of parliament runs India’s political system. The country is known to be “Sovereign, Socialist, Secular, and Democra...

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