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"If on Earth be an Eden of bliss, it is this, it is this, none but this"!

That says a very well known Persian verse, written on one of the walls of the Public Auditorium of Lal Quila (Red Fort), in Old Delhi.

They say India changes your state of mind and soul. India has this impact through its inhabitants, music, traditional dances and its marvelous monuments. Nobody can resist a warming welcoming and `spicy' country which smoothly seduces you.

Our plane resound of applauses the very minute we landed in New Delhi; the Indians started preparing for getting off the plane, fixing up their turbans and combing their moustaches. At the arrival gate, the National Guard Soldiers were waiting for us, looking pretty tired, but with a smile on their face. The driver who had been waiting for us all night long in the airport kindly welcomed us with the traditional greeting "Namaste."

At the airport exit, the humidity of the air as well as the heat burst into us, though it was very early in the morning; soon after this, I got scared noticing that the driver was going on the wrong side of the road, before I realized they use the British way. Claus, my son, was shouting in wonder every time he saw the monkeys on the road side. We entered the traffic: cars, bicycles, buses, the well known rickshaw, motorcycles and scooters. The holy cows were walking freely on the streets, but did not bother the traffic at all; as if they had attended driving classes.

There's a huge difference between the New and the Old Delhi. Old Delhi or just Delhi is the old town, up North, now looking more like a district of the Indian capital. New Delhi, built using the architectural British projects in 1931 and it became the administrative and political ce...

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...ich is still the residence of the royal family, is a museum for rare manuscripts, Persian carpets, royal suits and armory. The Forts surround the town like a belt. The superlative for me seemed to be Amber Fort and Palace, built in 1592, 11 km far away from the town; it is a complex of palaces, gardens and temples which magnificently mirror into the Maotha Lake. The corridors connect the wonderful palaces like a ribbon; Jai Mandir, Sheesh Mahal (Mirror Palace) and Ganesh Pole are the main tourist attractions. The elephants are available for tourists and do not hesitate to "ask" for tips at the end of the ride.

This is my India. I am glad I got this opportunity to share my Indian adventure feeling again every moment of it. Next year I will probably share the story of Kerala's tropical forest, about the Western Ghats and Anai Mudi Peak, Wayanad and its house trees.
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