Independent Films

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Filipinos started making movies in the year of 1919. The first Filipino to make a movie goes to Jose Nepomuceno, also known as the ”Father of Philippine Movies”, Since then the Philippine movies became hit. Lately after Foreign films rise in the Philippine cinema. In the Year 2000’s, it shows the dramatic decline of the Philippine movie industry. The Hollywood films control the mainstream cinemas even more and the movies produced in Philippines gradually decreases that is why many producers and production companies stop producing movies after losing a million of pesos. Thereafter, the Independent Films began to emerge in the Philippine cinema. Indie Films or Independent films as we all know are films that are not made by mainstream movie film productions and not made in the mainstream movie studios. Rather as its name says, it is a film production that is independent of the influences, powers and authority of the mainstream ones (Sulat, 2010). Independent Films that produced in the Philippines are mostly controversial, showing the Philippines different faces in life, making it unacceptable to the people who do not watch real-life based films like Independent films. This paper is based on the study conducted by Alexis Tioseco in 2007. The focus of Tioseco’s study focuses on the current state of independent feature filmmaking in the Philippines, compares it briefly to its past, highlights some of the key figures that have propelled it to its present, and proposes the main area wherein development is needed for it to progress further. This study was able to terminate the history mainstreams road to failure and indie films rise to be known in the local media. Indie Films would then be workable to this framework since they show dis... ... middle of paper ... ...he Golden ages director of Philippine Cinema. Enriquez A. (2013). Indie Films stake Philippine cinema claim. Retrieved March 4, 2014 from bbc website: Jones T. (2005). Getting started in short film making. Lasallisan Web Team. (2012). Independent films. Retrieved January 6, 2014 from: Mon-alon D. (2011). Philippine Indie Films. Retrieve January 6, 2014 from: Reyes E. notes on Philippine Cinema. Sulat T. (2010). Indie Films. Retrieved Febuary 28, 2014 from the Philippines website: Tioseco, A. (2007). Shifting agendas: the decay of the mainstream and rise of the independents in the context of Philippine cinema.Inter-Asia Cultural Studies, 8(2), 298-303. doi:10.1080/14649370701238771
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