Incremental Development Model Case Study

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Software development models:
There are various software models available for developing the software’s depending on the project requirements the models are used. Because it completely explains when the user should proceed to next phase and when to conduct tests. The below are the few different software models
Waterfall Model
• RAD Model
• Integration and Configuration
• Incremental Model
• Agile Model
• Proto type Model
Case Studies:
1. Insulin Pump Control System:
The Insulin pump control system is an automatic system which completely works based on the blood sugar. If the blood sugar content becomes low then it can cause problems to the brain likewise, if the blood sugar level content becomes high then it can cause damage to eye and kidney.
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ILearn System:
The ILearn system is a digital system which is specially designed for students and teachers for learning and teaching purpose. There are various applications such as spread sheets, e Learning and the students can submit their homework and assessment will be done. But whenever new services are added they should be updated for this model I choose incremental development software process model.
The main reason for choosing the Incremental development model is in the ILearn system there will be regular changes of the components and for replacing them the incremental models suits because there will be multiple versions of the product so that whenever there any changes they can add them to the existing applications.
There should be multiple permissions to the users like students and teachers for this they should restrict their access until they require. Also, the alumni students access should be removed once they complete their education this model replaces the service privileges.
4. Wilderness Weather Station:
The Wilderness weather station collects all the data from the instruments which records sunshine, temperature, wind speed and wind direction.
The three main sections in this model are
• Remote Weather
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It automatically places the wind turbine boxes wherever required the communication is most important in this model and it can be achieved using the waterfall model. Because especially for this types of projects there should be well defined plan where everything goes as per th scheduled plan because there should be alert to the operator if there is any problem.
Database Applications:
The data received from the control panel will be saved in the database applications. The data from these database is interpreted by various users like national weather service employees, universities and individuals.
The whole wilderness weather project can be considered as a large project where different operations will be performed at various sites for single output. This is also one of the reason for choosing the waterfall model. Also, there are well defined different phases in the project which performs their activities accordingly.
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