Increasing Student Achievement through Preventing School Violence

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Increasing Student Achievement through Preventing School Violence


School violence is any type of violence, whether it is a simple threat on another student or a school shooting, that happens in the school environment. Student achievement is the efforts made by the student to work hard in the classroom. The purpose of this research paper is to examine how school violence impacts student achievement. It would seem that school violence would have a negative impact on student achievement. If this is the case then we need to do what we can to prevent violence in schools. Technology can be used to help control school violence.

Information on School Violence

Violence in our schools has become an increasing problem. Within the United States alone, there have been approximately twenty-two school shootings since 1978 (Cruz, 2002, p. 53-54). Eighteen of the twenty-two occurred during the 1990’s. It has been approximated that “a school crime occurs every six seconds” (Day, 1996, p. 9).

We must ask ourselves why school violence has flourished. When we try to answer this question, we tend to blame society. Violence in the media seems to be the number one cause for violence in the school. However, society and media are not the only things to blame. There are so many reasons for why school violence has become increasingly more popular, but there is one thing that can be said for sure is that our students need to be able to learn and work in a safe environment.

The need to create “a school environment that is free of violence and drugs has become a public priority” (Flannery, 2000). People need to pull together as a community and help in the fight against school violence. We need to give students...

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24. The site describes how we can use technology to help prevent school violence. The article discusses some of the technologies being used to prevent violence in the school system. Also, the site gives a list of ways to assess the technologies being used as a solution to prevent violence.

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26. The author discusses ways of trying to promote academic achievement and safer schools.

27. The author also realizes that the only way to make sure that students succeed is to make sure that their schools are safe.

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