Increase of Internet Piracy and Hacking

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The area of Atlanta contains millions of people, and each person owns personal electronic devices. Common electronic devices may include: laptops, phones, music players, etc. Every household contains at least one of each device. From the IFPI in a BBC article, ninety-five percent of music is downloaded online illegally (“Legal Downloads Swamped”). The population of Atlanta’s area is almost 5.5 million in 2009(“About Atlanta”). Based on the statistics given, it is calculated that 5,225,000 music files for a particular song would have been downloaded from the internet in this city alone, and each file for a song costs almost a dollar. That is more than five million dollars lost for a single song in Atlanta. The example only shows only a small fraction of the bigger problems faced throughout the world. The increases of piracy and hacking have caused negative effects on the economy and society of the world. First of all, the increasing numbers of piracy and hacking are contributed by not knowing that the people are actually committing an illegal activity, and the results are unexpected, harsh punishments. To begin, computer hacking is defined as “the practice of modifying computer hardware and software to accomplish a goal outside of the creator’s original purpose” (“What is Computer Hacking?”). An example of hacking that most people do not know about is Jailbreaking an Ipod. Jailbreaking allows the product to be independent from the creators, in this case, Apple. Users are able to install “third-party apps” and add digital features to their electronic. If any illegally obtained programs are identified within the product, the offender can face hundreds of dollars in fines, and it is just for a single file or program. A person can be ... ... middle of paper ... ...nta. Atlanta Convention & Visitors Bureau. Web. 19 March 2012. Anderson, Nate. “’Anonymous’ attacks Sony to protest PS3 hacker lawsuit”. Ars Technica. Condé Nast. April 2011. Web. 27 March 2012. “Anonymous downs government, music industry sites in largest attack ever”. RT. Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “TV- No’vosti”. 7 March 2012. Web. 27 March 2012 “Jailbreak”. Techopedia. Janaita Interactive Inc. Web. 19 March 2012 “Legal downloads swamped by piracy”. BBC. BBC. 16 January 2009. Web. 19 March 2012. Peckham, Matt. “Developer: The Witcher 2 has been Pirated 4.5 Million Times” PCWorld. PCWorld Communications, 1 Dec 2012. Web. 20 March 2012. Wehner, Mike. “Sony lost $171 million due to PlayStation Network downtime”. Tecca. Tecca, 23 May 2011. Web. 27 March 2012. “What is Computer Hacking?”. wiseGEEK. Conjecture Corporation. Web. 19 March 2012.
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