Increase Funding For the National Aeronautics and Space Administration

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The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) made a culture from the moon landing, now the United States of America needs to revive that same culture. According to Roger Lanius, space history curator at the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum, the mission to land on the moon, “… transformed NASA into a big space-spectacular agency, which it wasn't before" (Lanius). Furthermore, to keep the culture alive NASA needs to make more accomplishments and to do this they need money to do that. Funding for NASA needs to increase. There are many reasons for investing funds in NASA. However, three in particular are important to people living in the United States of America. These three are technological advances, economy, and commonly used inventions. In the first place, technology makes the difference between the future and the past. According to the article written by Ken Chanberlain, the Denver Research Institute is quoted in saying, "[NASA has gotten] technological advancement to occur at an earlier time than it would have occurred otherwise" (Chamberlain). This shows how NASA is a leader in technological advancements in the world, and also how the world's technology would not be as advanced if NASA did not exist. Therefore, increasing funding would help the world continue to rapidly develop technologically. In addition, small businesses contribute to NASA's current and future success with technology. As stated in the press release written by David Steitz, Michael Gazarik, associate administrator for Space technology at NASA, is cited in verbalizing, "NASA's future success depends on the innovative capacity of American small businesses, and their ability to bring new technology to bear on the problems NASA tackles" (Ga... ... middle of paper ... ...Museum, is quoted in saying, "Then, when they disperse to go to other corporations or universities, they take with them the knowledge they gained through the process" (Lanius). A solution to a problem may be a new invention. Then the scientists that help make the technology for the new invention can use that same technology, and apply it to a different field of study. Overall, NASA "spinoffs" or inventions are not only solutions to problems, but they are also tools used for various tasks. In conclusion, NASA provides various opportunities due to the universe is expanding. "At this point, as scientists, we haven't even really scratched the surface, and really, what's amazing about it, is the miracle of this engineering" (Grotzinger) said John Grotzinger, a NASA project scientist. There is enough to explore out in the universe, NASA just needs the funds to explore it.

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