Incoming Disasters

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Have you ever wondered what the world would be like in the future? Will the world be drenched in blood and war, or will the world be enveloped with peace? I sometimes wonder how the world would end, or if it will ever come to an end. What if suddenly the world was encountered with a series of natural disasters? Diseases would not only be contained in one region but spread all over the world. People have to endure droughts that not only occur in arid, dry regions, but also in the areas of tropical, fertile lands. Countless tsunamis would devastate coastal regions. With the increasing sea level, humans begin to lose the resources to survive on land. The previous incident would also explain the recurring flooding around the world. But how would these natural disasters come about? Currently, Earth is suffering through the problems of global warming. Global warming promotes more storms, floods and droughts. Possibly, the hurricanes and tsunamis will become potentially stronger than they were ever before. Heat waves that will appear as a result of global warming will assist in the melting of ice. Ice, especially around the poles of the Earth, will melt and pose a danger to the wildlife. Greenhouse gases also pose a threat to the environment of our world. The average temperature of the Earth will fluctuate, and it will become difficult for weathermen to predict the weather for the following days. With an increasing level of heat, the surrounding water will expand and results with an increasing sea level. In addition, with the increasing amount of melting glaciers, the sea level of the Earth will expand at a more rapid rate. Not only will these natural phenomenon affect the environment, but also the human beings and the... ... middle of paper ... the world and its inhabitants. To prevent the catastrophic event from happening, people should be more cautious of the environment. This includes recycling and enforcing projects to reduce pollution. One way to reduce pollution is by removing the factories and industries built all over the world. Another solution is replacing gasoline with a reusable and environment-safe source that will not damage the environment. Scientists should work on developing and advancing in technology to repair the diminishing ozone layer. Humans should also end wars and conflicts, that damage and deplete the natural resources found throughout the lands. Doctors should also confine disease in isolated areas to carry out experiments, where they can find cures to the illnesses. By being more careful of you actions, the humans can prevent this disastrous event from ever happening.
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