Inclusive Democracy

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The world throughout history has constantly been making evolutionary changes; this is no different for the United States Democracy. There are many models of democracy, such as protective democracy, developmental democracy, pluralist democracy and participatory democracy. However, most of these democracies if not all are governed by the elites in our governmental society, thus they are privileged with more access and benefits from the United States Government. Nevertheless, this has been changing year by year, as we face multidimensional crisis and lead our government into an inclusive democratic system.

An inclusive democracy is a political theory and political project that aims to address the diverse crisis in our political, economical, social, ecological spheres caused by the concentration of power in various levels (Inclusive Democracy, 1997). Thus, inclusive democracy is the abolition of this concentration of power at the institutional level, the abolition of this concentration of power in all its forms and the creation of conditions of equal sharing of power, of political, economic power, and so on (Inclusive Democracy, 1997). The inclusive democracy project is influenced by two major historical traditions, the socialist tradition and the democratic tradition. In is also influenced by the currents that developed in the last 30 or 40 years, the new social movements, i.e., the feminist movement, the ecological movement, the identity movements of various sorts (Inclusive Democracy, 1997).

First, one of the foundations of the growing U.S inclusive democracy is that it has a focus on our political system in bases of a direct democracy and the crisis that this entails because mass participation is weakening. The inclusive democ...

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...racy is growing a democracy, which focuses on balancing power and crisis with in the political, economical, social, ecological spheres. Many people such as President Reagan believe that, “ Government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem” (Hill 2002 p.170). Nevertheless, with the developing inclusive democracy and growing expansion of Civil Rights and protection of our Civil Liberties the government has the potential to develop into our solution and not our problem.

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