Incipient: Fictional Narrative

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The sword clanked to the floor. The blade seeped back into the cavern's dirt ground. I stepped back while the other was draining energy by the second. I fell to my knees. Off to the side, I saw her, probably out cold. The man spoke "Danny Ignis. I thought you'd be a tougher challenge." I just kneeled there, hoping for death it seemed like. Then, I managed a smile. "Why are you laughing child!" He bellowed through the cavern I stood back up, with my eyes a crimson, bloody red. A spark flickered on my palm then morphed into a fire. I hurdled the ball of fire at the man. The man easily burned it out. "You really believe a little fireball will kill me." he asked, certainly trying to be arrogant. "No." I said, finally speaking. Another flame bickered into my palm, but started to stretch out to form the shape of a spear. I struck the floor and the cavern's ground burned with a fiery passion. The man, surprisingly, fell to the ground with burn marks around his torso. He looked up and saw me, now with a flame in my hand. "Very well," said the man standing up. "You want a fight? You'll get one!" He said as the cavern shook and was submerged by darkness. "Come on, we're losing him!" said a voice All I could see was a bright white light blazing into my eyes. I could feel my heart race going slower and slower by the second. "Hurry to the ER!" said a second voice I heard a door being smashed open. The wheels on my bed were shaking with each step the doctors took. "Come on Harrison, hurry up!" Another set of doors opened then I felt myself being thrown onto a bed. My vision was better, but not by much. I could make out the doctors running around the room, trying to find something. "Where is- haha!" said a doctor far o... ... middle of paper ... ... down the dagger she had on the sand. "Yea. I...used to come here with my father when I was little. Only we knew of it so we called it Lake Us." "So what STATE are we in?" "California. Come on, I think we need to meet you." "We? Oh....the Peacekeepers." "Yea. We made the base here. We have to go back to the lake." "No way. I...can't. When I touched the water-" "Yes again. I know. Your fire. That's water. But stop being a baby and come on!" she said throwing the bag back around her and diving into the water. I walked over to the water. Burned. Smoke began to rise from my foot. I had to man up. I took one last breath of air and dove back into the lake. I didn't feel pain anymore. I felt fine. I descended towards the bottom, following Bellum. I was about to go back up to gasp air when she swam into a cave. I followed, however it was dark. Then I felt my body ached.

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