Incidents In The Life Of A Slave Girl Analysis

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Just like any other narrative, “Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl,” by Harriet Jacobs is a narrative telling about a slave 's story and what slaves go through as they execute the socioeconomic dictates of their masters. It is important to note that more than five thousand former slaves who were enslaved in North America had given an account of their slave life during the 18th and 19th centuries. Many of their narratives were published on books and newspaper articles. Most of the stories of these slaves were centered on the experiences of life in plantations, small farms owned by the middle class natives, mines and factories in the cities. It is undeniable that without those slave narratives, people today will not be able to know how slaves…show more content…
Through Jacobs’s narration which is in an objective tone, readers are able to understand how slaves were traded like goods. According to her, slaves were taken to the trading grounds with an expectation that those purchased were to go with their new masters (Jacobs, p. 25). If in any case a slaves resisted going with their new master, then a terrible and thorough beating ensued to the resisting slaves. Most slaves dreaded the New Year’s Day which was the hiring day for slaves in the Antebellum American South (Jacobs, p. 25). From Jacobs’s narration, it is very evident that she had negative feelings towards…show more content…
While it may have seemed to be detrimental to the blacks only, Jacobs asserts that slavery ruins the lives of many in the immediate environment including the slaves, the slave owners, their wives and their children. This was despite the wives of the slave owners releasing their infuriation on the women slaves (Jacobs, p. 49). To avoid marriage breaks due to the women slaves doubling as sex partners for the slave owners, the white women had no choice but hearken the pleas by Jacobs and join the slave abolitionist
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