Incident In The Life Of A Slave Girl Analysis

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The Controlling Master

Throughout history we’ve been taught briefly about slavery and the hardships they had to endure. However, most history books today suspends the true horrors of slavery and the conditions slaves faced. Howard Zinn sheds some light in his book, A People 's History In the United States. He talks about the horrible conditions of slavery and why enslaving African Americans prospered. One condition in particular was the sense of control. Harriet Jacob, the writer of “Incident In the Life of a Slave Girl”, talks about the struggles she endured as a slave. Relating to one of Zinn’s conditions, she shows resistance, submissiveness and undermined to her master’s control. In Incidents in the life of a Slave Girl, Linda Brent, which Harriet Jacobs took as a pen name, experiences the demanding control of her new master. Dr.Flint, the new master, acquired Linda Brent through a will from her old mistress when she passed. Even though her new
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He promises Brent the freedom of her children if she would agree to be his mistress. During the era, it was very common for Slave owners and slaves to have affairs. Most subjected to their masters wishes to avoid further punishment, but those who denied were either punished or forced into agreement. Though it was a strong offer, Brent quickly denied because she wouldn’t be able to handle the degradation and humiliation that would be bestowed upon her for the rest of her life. Dr.Flint almost strikes her because she won’t accept his act of “kindness”. He quickly tells her it 's either his “kindness” or the plantation. Linda Brent still chose the plantation. After working under her master, she begins to undermine his control over her. Understanding her master 's love for her, she uses his self interest against him. Brent would countlessly challenge his supremacy and deny his commands, despite only being a
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