Inception: A Christopher Nolan Movie

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Is it a dream or is it reality? Dreams are an interesting creation of our subconscious, representing the desires, thoughts and motivations of our subconscious. The relationship between dreams and movies has always been a thought-provoking one, where both share an idea that tends to feed into our future thought process. Appreciated by both critics and the public, Inception is a movie that challenges the whole concept of consciousness, portraying science fiction in a positive and stark manner in its process. This inspirational Christopher Nolan directed motion picture redefines science fiction with its complex theme and lack of advanced hypothetical technologies, but doesn’t fall short to take the public on an exceptional and thrilling adventure with its contributing special effects and remarkable portrayal of character. Inception is a story about Dominique Cobb, a skilled extractor whose job is to mine confidential information from the subconscious of his targets. This flick surrounds his team’s job of planting an idea into someone’s mind, commonly known as inception, for which Cobb is offered his old life as a payment. Direction and written by Christopher Nolan, this movie adopts a lot of science fiction techniques from Nolan’s world renowned movies such as The Dark Night and The Prestige, which made Inception more appealable to the public as a result of Nolan’s success. Christopher Nolan is the definition of science fiction in the modern era. Inception is a film that tries to redefines the science fiction genre to the public. It is a movie that proves that great science fiction can be a lot more absorbing than the stereotyped space operas and advanced technology. "In a summer of remakes, reboots and sequels comes Inception, easil... ... middle of paper ... ...n cliché of mad scientists found in science fiction features. Gordon-Levitt plays Arthur, the right hand man of Cobb, whose fight scenes in zero-.g provide a thrilling and electrifying impact to this movie. To conclude, Inception is a no-brainer, not only for a science fiction enthusiast, but also extending and expanding to general masses. It takes science fiction to the next level of movie production and will go a long way to correct the myth around the genre, which says that science fiction has to revolve around the clichéd space opera or technology theme. Its contributing special effects and some astonishing performance by the various actors definitely added a pro to the movie. The response by both the critics and general audience is a true representation of the success, which the director Christopher Nolan had taken a gamble on, without history to support him.

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