Incarcerated Offender Reentry Plan

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Considering the cost of new programs, budget shortfalls and cutbacks the state of Hawaii is experiencing at this time, we ask? What benefits would the state incur by immediately implementing an incarcerated offender reentry plan? Additionally, we ask? How would the immediate implementation of an incarcerated offender reentry plan affect a community’s economy and security? Perhaps, to effectively consider the impact of these questions I will need to determine why there is a need to immediately implement an incarcerated offender reentry plan. To do that, I will consider some statistical data: the Bureau of Justice Statistics (2008) tells us it has been estimated nationally 95% of all incarcerated people are eventually released into the community (BJS, 2008). Converting that data to a local level, the Bureau of Justice Statistics (2008) tells us, of the 6000 offenders who are now incarcerated in correctional facilities within Hawaii, all but 300 will be released into the community. However, the Bureau of Justice Statistics (2008) also tells us, over 50% of those released will return t...
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