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During John F. Kennedy 's Inaugural Address, January 20, 1961, that’s when he said to Americans “To do not ask what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country” (US Historical documents). I personally support this quote and understand the full sense behind it, I don’t take it greatly on country level, but on how I live with my family and friends in my daily life. This is the saying that carries a lot of meaning not only for Americans John F. Kennedy was addressing to this speech, but as well as to anybody who want to move forward and live a life without complaining.
John F. Kennedy was the first American president to be elected at young age of 43 years old and he is considered as one of the greatest American president
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My fellow African and I, whom I was able to get engaged with in discussion some of them accuse their country to do not help their people after realizing how far other countries have gone in development. After knowing this quotes, I gained a thinking in way that has to contribute on my country, but so far whoever I was able to ask what he/she has done to what his country has so far, no body has that answer because they know that nothing they have done for their…show more content…
In my country we do what we call “Umuganda” according to Rwandapedia can be described as community wok. On the last Saturday of each month, communities come together to do different public works. This mostly includes infrastructure development, environment protection and giving support to most vulnerable family in the community. This community service has been successful and people are happy for the change they are making in their country. However some people do not attend, that needs a lot of effort to change their
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