Inaugural Address

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The Inaugural Address is a speech meant for the whole United States and its government leaders. This speech affected the crowd in a spiritual way because the right topic was given to the right audience. It was meant for the citizens of the U.S to help the country into a better future. It also says that the president will do everything he can to fix the issues the country is having. Kennedy keeps his topics short so he can discuss every main point without boring the audience. The speech Kennedy delivered had an effective tone for society because he promised to do many things for his country which gave the citizens hope. Kennedy prepares for the speech by looking forward into the future while using examples from the past. To write this speech Kennedy needed help from his advisers and friends. They gave him ideas for the speech but Jefferson wrote most of it. He wanted the speech to be as short and clear as possible so he can talk about the major points he is trying to get through the audience. This method worked because he would pass on to another topic before it got boring which made him get more attention from the audience. Kennedy makes the speech effective by never forgetting the main goal to unite the both opposing sides. Kennedy talks about what he must deal with as a president and with the world striving for peace he says “ I do not shrink from this responsibility- I welcome it,” near the end of his speech. This shows that Kennedy is happy being the president and that he shows determination to the listeners that he will bring peace. Jefferson claims that the goals of a better world can only be accomplished if everyone put in their efforts. The activism in his words can only be clearly seen when he focuses... ... middle of paper ... ... across the globe. The repeated declarations proves that Kennedy will actually carry out his plan for peace. The speech makes up mostly of Kennedy calling people to action. The use of hortative sentences like when he says “let both sides” means that he is not planning to do this alone but as a united country. He commands the citizens to ask themselves what they can do to help out with the problem. He first says what should not be done followed up by what should be done. Kennedy says the struggles of mankind is like “ Tyranny, poverty, disease, and war itself.” These strong points shows greater meaning to the struggles and people can relate with them. By doing this, Kennedy seeks out the attention of the audience to the fullest where they force themselves to help the country. The use of this technique is what makes Kennedy’s speeches so effective and famous.