Inadequacy Of Writing Skills

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In today’s fast growing social media world, the quality and skills of an education such as writing are in need of a drastic positive change. A 2011 nationwide test found that nearly twenty four percent of students in eighth grade and twelfth grade were proficient in writing and only three were advanced in writing skills. If that’s not scary, the world’s leading social media empire Facebook is the world’s largest news source. Writing happens in everyday activity, whenever it is writing a grocery list or texting a friend. It is essential that every individual possess and learns superior writing skills to be successful in life. One of the problems that can be pointed to inadequacy of writing skills is the significant usage of emojis. A 2015…show more content…
This course is designated to help students improve their writing skills before entering a writing intensive class. Throughout my writing development of five blog posts, I was able to improve my writing ability and skill. In my first blog post I was able to express about my feelings about the costly college education and how it will be worth it. In this essay I was able engage my thoughts and opinions about how I will be able complete the high debt College Education by putting every ounce of effort to into my path.. This blog post was the start of my path developing my writing skills as it re-emphasized to me the foundations of how to write a clear yet concise essay. My second blog post was similar to my first blog post but it demonstrated much more than just my opinion. In this blog post I was able to enhance my knowledge to read and analyze arguments by breaking them into their components parts. This blog post was debating what type of education such as online learning or in person is better for the students. In this essay, I was able to clearly stake a claim that I believe that in class learning is the best way for students to learn. In addition I was able to offer reasons and evidence that supported my claim by offering my personal anecdotes, statistics and the opinion of my peers. I also engaged by persuading the readers to
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