Inaccurate Confirmation

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The use of Third-Party Intermediary minimizes the risk of inaccurate confirmations. is an effective website that avoids human errors due to manual reconciliation of balances. From Tenth National Bank, a confirmation response was received by e-mail from Lou Jennings, the authorized signer, stating the bank sent the confirmation directly to the clients’ office. Mr. Jennings also included auditor credentials for Tenth National Bank’s online banking. Failure to not receive the confirmation directly from the respondent violates PCAOB Auditing Standards Paragraph 22 which the violation directs us to PCAOB Auditing Standards Paragraph 33 which obliges us to obtain further evidence to support an opinion. As we examined the response

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  • Explains that the use of third-party intermediary minimizes the risk of inaccurate confirmations. tenth national bank received a confirmation response from lou jennings, ized signer.
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