In the South

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Living in the South
Growing up in the south during the civil right movement between the late fifties and early sixties as an African American was tough. As a black person you went through a lot of racial profiling, discrimination and of course racism throughout the south just because they wanted a change and was tired of being miss treated by the whites. Superiority meant a lot to the whites so; they were not going to allow the blacks to take over in any kind of way. So, blacks and people known as the minorities took their chances to try to make a change because their rights were not be protected as in the first Amendment said it would. Many people were threatened, beaten and harassed by a group known as Ku Klux Klan trying to fight for what was right like voting privilege. Although, they struggled to get their voice heard it was worth the probable cause even if that meant putting their life in danger.
The South did not come easy especially for minorities living in America like Edesha said, Whites had sworn since before reconstruction that we blacks would not only know our place but stay in it forever. This showed that after slavery was abolished some white people did not want to make a change in society under the law some whites still wanted to be separated from all blacks and those who did not fit their description. It seems like the whites were afraid that African Americans would someday take over and treat them the same way they were being treated, and that was mentally, verbally, and physically abuse just cause of their skin color and ethnicity.
Voting rights was one of the number one issues that black people had to face because those who were in charge of the voting poll made it hard for black folks. For example, they ...

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...ent blacks from mixing with whites socially, from voting, and from prospering financially.” This showed; the group did not want change. For instance, they try to keep blacks away from whites, voting poll, and becoming wealthy by using violence as their number weapon towards minorities. It seemed like whites was not scared of committing any crimes because they knew there was not going to be any punishments plus all the supremacists in the court was under all white male. It sad how the justice system worked for whites and blacks. Under the Consitution, it said all men are equal, but the system was full of it because anyone that was not of white descent was treat unfairly with un cruelty punishment. Sometimes African Americans did not even get a trail when they were accused of a crime they were just found guilty and punished for a crime they probably did not commit.
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