In a Parallel Universe

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On a Saturday morning in Florida, Benjamin and George try to sneak out of their hotel room to play hockey. Benjamin and George have been living in a hotel since they came out of their moms womb as their mom being the head chef.Their mom not turning around, says "And just where do you two think you're going?" George and Benjamin stop. George is surprised, because their mom didn't even turn around. Benjamin says that, the eyes behind the head thing is creepy. Their mom tells them that she has 20/20, and then points at the back of her head and finishes saying 20/20 vision. She tells them that they have to put on their helmets and pads, Benjamin asks if they can go bungee jumping later with the helmets and pads, but she says no. George and Benjamin both wished that their lives were different; that they were allowed to do whatever they want and their mom wouldn't be so strict.
Instead they go reading."Be careful George, you need to wear your helmet while you're reading!" mocked Benjamin. George then gets a paper cut, and says "Ow! Paper cut! Kiss it mommy!" Benjamin looks at his brother in disappointment. Later, the two twins get bored and decide to go downstairs in the lobby.
In the lobby, the mischievous brothers start riding around on skateboards. Benjamin and George stop by the candy shop to say "hi" to Nancy, the poor cashier. They steal some candy and start skating around. Mr. Gordon who is the manager starts chasing the two boys around the lobby to stop them. He stops, yelling at them telling them to stop, George hits the puck and it lands in Mr. Gordon's mouth. The two boys then run off to find something else to do.
"Why does our life have to be so boring, why can't we be kids and live our life the way we want?" George s...

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...ll return to their normal life.
George and Benjamin get out of the time travel machine and normal Dan comes in, they hug him and tell him about the parallel universe, and he starts trying to go there. Benjamin and George then go to the lobby and hug Mr. Gordon and Nancy. Their mom comes in and they hug her too, they tell everybody the whole story about how they time traveled to a parallel universe using Dan's machine, the whole hotel was skeptical about their story and didn't worry about it.
Later that evening, In George and Benjamin's hotel room, their mom tells them if they want ice cream for dessert, They tell her that vegetables are better. "I'm never wishing for anything ever again because I just might get it"! exclaimed Benjamin. "Mom, don't ever leave us", whined George. They twin boys have learned their lesson from now on and are grateful for their life.
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