In White's New Design

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In 1912, Jack Frost wrote a poem called “In White.” However, he was not pleased with his own work and decided to rewrite it. So twenty-four years later, in 1936, he rewrote the poem and named it “Design.” Both of these poems have the same context and are about the same thing, but Frost changed the wording for a reason. There had to have been a lot of thought about this specific poem for twenty-four years for him to take that long to finally rewrite it. There are many changes that Frost made in the poem that improve it. The revisions are based on his answers to the questions that he had not answered in his first poem. The first change the reader sees is in the first line of the poems. In “In White,” Frost explains that the spider is dented like a white snowdrop. “A dented spider like a snowdrop white” (Frost). When the reader reads this line, they think of a spider that looks dreary or droopy and not alive, just like a snowdrop looks like. In “Design,” it begins by describing a fat, white and dimpled spider. “I found a dimpled spider, fat and white,” (147). This line is different fr...

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