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The sessions were a great learning too to aid classroom discussion. Although acting out scenarios with my neighbors is effective, I may still be practicing something wrong. Or during a lecture, my mind may slip due to misunderstanding or distraction. However, the videos allowed me to analyze them to see certain skills in practice, to determine what is wrong, and most importantly to see how therapy sessions change overtime. The series shows concepts that could not have been expressed as well as they were in the movie, in the classroom through the use of notes. Also, based on what I have acquired in my psychology class and effective speaking, the stimulation of a pictures and noise on a television is better than the use of a power point during a lecture.
In the beginning of the sessions Sophie was really bratty, childish, out of control, and an emotional disaster. It was not until the second session that she really began to tell the story, her story. She came in emotionally blocked, refusing to accept reality, deal her problems, and acknowledge what she had done to herself and others. Even in the second session there is trust issues between Paul and Sophie because when she comes in for her sessions she says she had a fight with her mother, but it was really with her father. In the beginning there was little trust between the two and the sessions seemed awkward, most ending in Sophie threatening to leave or actually ending the session early.
As the third session begins more of her story begins to unravel. There is a sense of trust starting between the two as Sophie tells Paul about her affair with Si. Finally, she starts to admit her life is not perfect, that things are messed up, and she is caught in a mess. Paul even feels comf...

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...t, to the route of her actions, which in a psychodynamic point of view was mostly due to her early relationship with her father. They began with the vague aspect that she had an accident and through working with the story, discovered she had also been having an affair with Si her coach, to finally all those boundaries were crossed because she never had boundaries. As a kid, her father had broken her boundaries and she had been confused about parenting roles and her overall effect on other people’s lives. Lastly, although they did not come out and talk about goals directly in the sessions, it is assumed that there could have been goals as well. Sophie was working on her relationship with her mother, she was beginning to form boundaries, and she was working on accepting reality. All of these are examples of concepts learned in class that were shown through the series.
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