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In Time is a science-fiction movie that was released in 2011 that starred Justin Timberlake. In the movie, the citizens are genetically modified to stop aging at twenty five years old and their clock starts at one day, signaling that they have one day left to live. The only way the citizens can gain more time is by earning it, borrow it from others, or steal it. The time on their arm not only signifies the citizen’s time left, but it also equals currency in this system. Will Salas, played by Justin Timberlake, is the main character and lives in the ghetto division of the society. In the division, the citizens have to work their butts off just to earn a couple days or maybe a week’s worth of time left on their clocks. Also, crime is very common in this division of the society and it is not…show more content…
This game is somewhat like arm wrestling. When citizens are transferring money to one another, the person whose arm is on top is receiving the money. The object of the game is to out muscle the opponent to get your arm on top to take the time away from the opponent until they die or time out. This is a very common practice for the people of this poor division because they do anything they can do to get more time to live. On the other side of the community though is a place called New Greenwich. The people that live here are the richest of the richest and are pretty close to immortal because they have so much time on their clocks that they have accumulated probably by taking advantage of the poor, lower-class people. This movie is a very good movie but it is also a great movie to look at from a sociological stand point. There are two key sociologists that we can use to sociologically look deeper into this movie, Karl Marx and Max Weber. Both of these sociologists had specific theories about class, status, and the system that fit perfectly with the society that exists in the movie In

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