In The Yellow Wallpaper And The Yellow Wallpaper

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Likewise, In the yellow wallpaper, the narrator talks about her authoritative husband. Gilman starts the story by introducing the two main characters of the story John and Jane, the narrator. The narrator is mentally unstable. He forces her to visit the doctor, who wants to say no but couldn’t resist. He doesn’t believe she is sick and he talks about the treatment she says “I sometimes fancy that in my condition if I had less opposition and more society and stimulus (Gilman).” She disagrees with the treatment yet she doesn’t have any choice other than listening to her husband and her opinions doesn’t really matter. Furthermore, her husband acts as a caring husband, but she knows he’s taking advantage of his role, he’s dominant and forces…show more content…
“I don’t like to look out of the windows even-there are so many of those creeping women, and they creep so fast (Gilman).” There were a lot of women because in 1860’s the woman activities were bounded within the house. She knows that there are other women who are suffering in other homes. By writing the yellow wall paper she broke the societal norm and during that time women started to think that thy need work outside the home to use their intellect and skills. That time she decides to write the yellow wallpaper so she can save another woman from suffering like…show more content…
He uses two types of women, one who is submissive to her husband, other one is rebellious but still depends on men to live her life and to be happy and the opposite Stanley who is an ignorant man. states that William uses Stella’s character to connect all the characters together. In the beginning of the story Stella’s character is calm and happy but after her sister blanche moves to their house problems arise. She is torn between her sister and her husband. she tries to make a balance between the two of them but as the story progresses she has to choose one. Stanley doesn’t like Blanche’s attitude of her being superior than him. He is doesn’t like being inferior to a woman. William uses alcohol and poker to create the conflict and develop the character. They get into an argument and he hit her. Stella says that it’s “nothing serious” as Blanche think it is(William). While Blanche insists that his action is animalistic, Stella accepts him as who is because she thinks that his violence hadn’t done any damage to their relationship. In addition, she assures blanche that “he has always been violent and smashing things” but she is happy because she believes it brings the best in their relationship. Indicates the old women thinking that no matter what they have to be obedient and submissive to their husband. in the end of the story
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