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Santiago Benitez Ms. Elkeredy English 101 24 November, 2014 In The Line of Duty Being a police officer sounds like a good job to have for anyone who wants to do good things for their community. To begin, the daily routine as an officer is always changing; it does so because the central goal of law enforcement is to serve and protect people and their property in addition to keeping the public as safe as possible. Also, a typical day of a police is not that of a normal occupation. There are also requirements that need to be met in order to an officer of the law. A normal day, for an officer on patrol, is following up on calls, issuing traffic citations or directing traffic, “The traffic-safety part of law enforcement is usually the common one …show more content…

Officers constantly work at crime scenes or follow up on accident reports and other traumatic events. Like hospital personal, police officers have to deal with the death and suffering of victims. Even though a career in law enforcement can have an impact on some of their personal lives, people are still eager to serve their community. Furthermore, there are jobs such as Secret Service and FBI agents that require extensive travel most of which is last minute. Other special agents include working for the U.S. Border Patrol which is mostly outdoors in rugged terrain. Most of these fields in law enforcement require that you work full time; working overtime is common. There are two major branches in law enforcement, state and federal. State officers include patrol officers, state police officers, transit and railroad police, sheriffs, detectives and criminal investigators, fish and game wardens. Uniformed police officers of the law have general enforcement duties. They are easily distinguished by the uniforms that they wear. These officers typically patrol areas in cites and respond to emergency calls. Police agencies are

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  • Explains that police officers have one of the highest rates of on-the-job injuries and fatalities.
  • Explains that some police officers work in a specific type of crime, such as horseback, special weapons, and swat. state troopers are enforcing traffic laws and issuing traffic citations.
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