In The Name of Religion

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Throughout history most religions have been primarily based around putting their God above all others, and showing love and acceptance, however in today’s society religion appears to be the fuel to a fire of hate. Religion as a whole has become the most controversial and the most violent cause behind some of the most world breaking news, from wars in the Middle East, to death threats to doctors in my home town. This violent mentality of religion first is demonstrated in the short story A Father by Bharati Mukherjee. In this short story the main character, Mr Bhowmick, creates a miserable life for himself based on what his religion says is acceptable. His family, however, lived life and cherished the freedoms of living in America by creating happiness and accomplishment in their lives. The jealousy of Mr. Bhowmick for a more joyful existence is demonstrated when his religion drives him to an act of violence out of anger and hate. The problem with putting your faith above all else, is this can make you do irrational things, without thinking about the reprocushions that could occur. In the story Mr. Bhowmick marries a woman, not out of love, but in an arranged situation, all a custom of his religion. (Mukherjee 365) “He recited prayers in Sanskrit to Kali, the patron goddess of his family, the goddess of wrath and vengeance” (Mukherjee 364). This line shows that his religion, though not a traditional type seen in our country, is still an everyday ritual that he keeps sacred even though he has moved to America. This is the same practices more prevalent religions take here, known as prayer. In this story the man’s religion does not give him peace, or provide him with a satisfaction in life, as the ideology of it was intend... ... middle of paper ... ...ord”. If this is what religion is about now, it is no wonder why people are seeing the hate that is being spread by something that was created to bring people together, not rip worlds apart. Works Cited Shofar. ”An Interdisciplinary Journal of Jewish Studies” Fall2010, Vol. 29 Issue 1, p73-94, 22p Moses, Paul. “Is religion about war -- or peace.” CNN. December 18, 2009. Web 14 April 2011. Mukherjee, Bharati. “A Father.” Literature and the Writing Process. McMahan, Elizabeth., et al. Boston: Longman, 2010. 363-370. Print. Vendel, Christine. “Independence mom allegedly stabs sleeping son, blames God.” Wichita Eagle. Web 13 April 2011.
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