In The Digital Age Breaking Up Is Hard To Do Case Study

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What if using a social media platform such as facebook could be harmful to the user? People view social media outlets to be useful and entertaining, but the truth in the matter is that social media outlets are harmful. When people get involved with social media, be it facebook, twitter, instagram or snapchat, they are signing up for a commitment that provides more bad things than good. Once users have latched onto the social media of their choosing, they begin to suffer from multiple things that are directly a result of using the outlet. Although there are many negative things about using a social media platform, the main concerns boil down to social media acting as a distraction and being too time consuming. When people get involved with…show more content…
Social media can also be a distraction and get in the way of someone trying to finish their task. Salvador Rodriguez, author of “In the digital age, breaking up is hard to do”, takes a different approach to the hazards of social media by explaining how social media constantly reminds him of people he is trying to move on from. Similarly, Rachel Lowry, the author of “Straddling Online and Offline Profiles” states how she believes that social media provides a basis for people to create fake identities in order to stand out. Users of facebook suffer from the social media outlet as it doesn’t allow people to move on from matters and forces people into creating fake identities by lying to the people close to them. Facebook doesn’t allow people to move away from certain matters thereby causing users to suffer. In other words, users can’t move on in life from certain things when facebook…show more content…
Through the use of his own experience, Rodriguez proves how harmful facebook is when he is reminded of people that he wanted to forget about. Lowry uses the words of a student, who is directly affected by the situation, to explain how facebook is more bad than good. The student outlines the fact that people have to create lies to fit in with their friends. Consequently by doing this, people are creating fake identities to hide their real self. ICMPA disapproves the critics of facebook being harmful when they bring up the dependability factor which comes from using the social media outlet. ICMPA showed how addicting facebook really was when they proved that people weren’t able to function the same without it. By using facebook, people are lying to themselves and others and feeling nostalgic, not to mention getting addicted to it. No matter what way one looks at facebook, it can only be seen to be harmful. At the rate that social media is controlling people, it’s only a matter of time before people stop interacting with each other in person and do it through social media outlets like
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