In The Chronical Of A Death Foretold By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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According to, about a third of women in America feel oppressed by society. About 166 million women live in the US so about 57 million women feel like they are looked down on by society. In Columbia during the 1950’s women were far more oppressed. In the book, a man by the name of Santiago Nasar, was accused of taking Angela virginity. Her two brothers, Pedro and Pablo, decided to kill Santiago to keep the family honor. They felt like they had pressure from society to go along with the plan. After they killed him, deep down inside they known they had done what real men should do. Nobody would look down upon them but rather look up knowing they are now the model for all men. In the Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the author illustrates the oppression of women through suppression and the high standards of men, in order to convey how the both men and women must meet the standards to become accepted into society. In the Columbian society, the author indicates men must meet…show more content…
Both genders are raised to think they must be a certain way to conform into the normal ideals for their gender in society. If one does not follow these unwritten rules, they are looked as weak or different. In the case of the men, they must be strong, wealthy, and confident. The women must stay pure and innocent. Each gender creates the standards for each other without them even realizing it. The author conveys how women are seen as objects and inferior to men in order to show how the men were running the town as no women were in any high-ranking positions. The ideal women are only made so they can get married and have children might seem obscured in modern times but was the standard in the past was quite common. The high set standards for both men and women in the past are responsible for some of the stereotypes we have

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