In Support of Internet Censorship

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In Support of Internet Censorship Censoring the Internet would keep children and adults from obtaining harmful materials. Online there are all kinds of information on horrible things such as pornography, alcohol, drugs, guns, bombs, credit card fraud, etc. Censorship is needed. People say it takes away freedom from their lives but if there were not laws inhibiting freedom we would live in a world of chaos and anarchy. Why should we censor the Internet? Why not? Should we not censor the information superhighway so people can be perverts and terrorist. Think about all of the terrible people out there; an uncensored internet gives them an easier and more accessible way to harm and exploit innocent people. One example of horrible material on the Internet is all of the pornography. In adult stores you have to be eighteen years old in order to purchase pornographic viewing material. On the Internet there are actual sites that say if you are not eighteen don't come in to this site and there is no way for anyone to check an ID. This enables a child to have full access to pornography with the click of a mouse. One example of this type of site is This site gives full non-restricted access to any one who clicks on it's icon. Censorship would restrict such sites or at least require a credit card number or an ID of some sort showing that the user was eighteen years of age. An incident occurred last summer, "the Los Angeles Times reported that a computer at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory was being used to store and distribute hard-core pornography." Over the internet. "Despite the lab's elaborate security precautions, investigators found more than one thousand pornographic pictures. The computer was shut down a... ... middle of paper ... ...others and causing devious behavior it needs to be stopped. The information superhighway gives the freedom to access all kinds of information and is a good research tool. When was the last time a teacher assigned a paper due on bomb making? What use does this type of information have? None, the only use a bomb has is to hurt people. Censoring the Internet would take away these harmful materials and stop any tragedies before they happen. Horrible things will occur even if censorship takes place but at least the information causing such tragedies will not be accessed through the simple click of a mouse. Bibliography: Works Cited Exon, J. James. "Censoring the Internet: Is It Necessary?" Current Issues and Enduring Questions. Ed. Sylvan Barnet and Hugo Bedau. Boston: BedfordSt. Martin's, 1999. 435-437.

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