Improvisation of a Rebellion Scene

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Improvisation of a Rebellion Scene

The task set was to improvise a rebellion scene.

From this we were put into two groups and asked to plan how we were

going to stage our rebellion. The improvisations were to have a

beginning, middle and ending. We decided to stick to the idea of

leadership and have 3 horses as the leaders rather than the pigs in

Animal Farm. I played the role of one of the horses.

We based the idea of a rebellion on the fact that the horses hadn't

been let out of their stables. The horses break out of their stables

and let the other animals out of their enclosures.

At the beginning the horses remain frozen as the farmer pushes the

chickens back into their pens. When standing as a horse I stood

upright and in a proud manner. My head was held high and I kept my

pose still. When talking the horses kept their heads held high. The

movement of my head was kept to a minimum.

When talking I believed horses spoke as though they were better than

any other animal. To show this I spoke in a clear voice making sure I

pronounced my words clearly.

"How can the farmer expect me to win races if he doesn't comb my


In the farmhouse to get a feeling of chaos there was a period before

the horses spoke when the animals just made noise. This climaxed at

the loudest point and then went silent. This was then repeated to add

tension when the horses went to break out of their stables. This

worked well because it made the scene seem tenser.

When walking like a horse I kept my body upright and walked slowly. My

posture was straight up. It was a s though I was strolling rather than

walking. This I did gracefully in a way that showed the audience how

proud I was.

All the animals were scared and intimidated by the horses. To show

this they obeyed the horses even if they were reluctant.

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