Improving Work Experience for Future Pupils

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Improving Work Experience for Future Pupils



This is a report on how to improve work experience for future pupils.

To: Work experience co-ordinator.

The Placement


My placement was at Carway primary school. I contacted the head

teacher Mrs Rhian Evans personally. Carway primary school has no more

than one hundred children present. There are four permanent teaching

staff along with two temporary helpers and a one on one specialist.

School commences at 8.50 and terminates 3.20. The school consists of

four individual classrooms. A reception class ranging from ages three

to four. The second class for years one and two ranging from the ages

of five to seven. The third class for pupils in years three and four

ranging from ages seven and nine, and the last classroom for pupils in

years five an six between the ages of nine and eleven.

The school provides a breakfast club available to each pupil every

morning starting at 8.00 a.m., and also an after school club that is

available on a Wednesday until 4.15 for the older pupils in the

school. As the importance of early learning is recognised by the head

teacher she allows the ysgol meithrin (play school) to use the


My Expectations


I was hoping that I would enjoy the experience, as this is one of the

main career options that I wish to pursue. I wondered if the teachers

would take me seriously and give me advice on how to carry out the

daily routine of teaching. I thought I would be asked to help the

children with their work and maybe help with the admin side of things.

I did not think there would be any responsibilities for me, as you

have to be qualified to be left alone with children. I felt the

experience would be of interest to me, and also a great benefit.

My Experience


Reception classroom


In the reception classroom I was asked to take registration for the
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