Improving The Racial Climate On Our Educational System Needs For A Top Priority

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Claim: Improving the racial climate in our educational system needs to be a top priority. These students must be prepared for the real world upon graduation and that includes interacting and working with many diverse groups. It is our responsibility to insure that our students become the best possible people they can be, and this includes teaching them diversity and cultural acceptance. However, we need to make sure that we are going about this in the right ways and not causing more issues along the way. Color-blindness is not the solution to racism, and this is proven throughout the chapter and the journals of the students in the study outlined. Evidence: There are four major reasons why color-blindness is not effective in stopping racism or teaching students to accept and appreciate each others cultures. 1.) “Color-blindness ignores the differences among people that should be celebrated (diversity in food, dance, dress, customs, appearances, etc” (Pg. 211). Even if a person truly could ignore every trait that makes up a person’s race, why would you want to? We all come from diverse backgrounds, with many different customs, all of which should be celebrated. If we take these away and do not recognize their importance they could be lost forever. How we dress, as well as the food and dances we cherish make us who we are. Without recognizing such important behaviors and traditions we are giving up on knowing who people truly are. 2.) Color-blindness is impractical because there are so many other racial markers, outside of the color of someones skin. “Race affects every aspect of a person that cannot be ignored: Zip codes, clothing, voice, and even names carry racial markings” (Pg. 212). This was proven through a study done by tw... ... middle of paper ... ...actions affect all races, and be wiling to participate in open and honest discussions. This hiding of feelings and over compensating with color-blindness is not helping anyone to move past racist thoughts and behaviors. This idea that backstage racism should be accepted is absurd, and causes irreparable damages. “The “fun” for young Whites in a private backstage has real and serious consequences that ratify and perpetuate old racist stereotypes, contributing to and maintain contemporary racial hierarchies (as evident in higher education, health care, the legal system, housing, etc.) that Whites have the privilege to ignore” (Pg. 206). These backstage behaviors make it apparent that racism is not dying out “with Gram-pa,” as one student alluded to in their journal. Racism is still very prevalent, but Whites now participate in racist conversations behind closed doors.

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