Improving Service Worker Performance

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In present day where markets are becoming highly competitive and saturated with identical products, the importance of type of service rendered to customers and its quality is one of the factors that ensure an organization/brand is more favorable in the market than that of the competitors. It is thus important for companies to understand how their service affects their customers and how it can lead to customer satisfaction and loyalty. The assumption of a company that provides tangible goods that its only function is to sell these goods and nothing else is one that leads to low financial performance and loss of business, as there is no ground to create, ensure or measure customer satisfaction and loyalty as such quality service is of importance in all sectors. Profit and growth of a company are stimulated primarily by customer loyalty, and customer loyalty is a direct result of customer satisfaction (James L. Heskett et al, 2008). Customer satisfaction is dependent on a number of interdependent factors like product quality, service delivery and service quality (amongst others), as such companies must ensure strategies that promote excellent provision of service in order to ensure continuous patronage. Rust, Zahorik and Keiningham (1996) states that “The personal interaction of services is often a primary determinant of the customers overall satisfaction”. The service sector has grown tremendously, as a result of companies identifying different needs in the economy and consequently introducing services to cater for the needs of their customers. Being that service is intangible, customers do not understand on their own the true value of the service being rendered, service workers/employees thus play an important role in ... ... middle of paper ... ...l Intelligence, Emotional Labour and Organisational Citizenship Behaviour in service environments by Yashotha Ramachandran, Peter J. Jordan, Ashlea C. Troth and Sandra A. Lawrence (2011) Abusive Supervision: When Meaning-Filled Work Hurts You Harris, K. J., Kacmar, K. M. & Zivnuska, S. (2007). An investigation of abusive supervision as a predictor of performance and the meaning of work as a moderator of the relationship. The Leadership Quarterly, 18, 252–263. Personality and Performance: The Big Five Revisited by Gregory M. Hurtz and John J. Donovan (2000) Customer Service Behavior in Retail Settings; A study of the effect of service provider personality by Robert F. Hurley

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