Improving Resources For The Australian Healthcare System

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The strategies suggest that increasing efficiency in the Australian healthcare system does not only come from effective resource allocation and interventions but all aspects of the health system require improvement, ultimately all areas uniting together to work as a team. Australian Equity: The National Health and Hospitals Reform agreement was evidently based on equity in health sector. Equity refers to ‘the quality of being fair or impartial’ (, n.d.). The Reform aimed to improve equitable access and reduce those disadvantages by equally distributing resources for good health within societies (Young & McGrath, 2011). Improving resources in primary health care suggests equity is simultaneously improved and is associated with a more equitable distribution of health in populations (Williams, Mutch, Douglas, Boyle & Hill, 2015). However, in May 2014 the government released its budget with proposed changed to Medicare including the introduction of the highly criticised copayment fee. The copayment fee is considered to be inequitable and unfair for Australians requiring health care, which may alter health outcomes for patients that require care the most (Armstrong, Leeder, Rubin, L. & Russell, 2007). Similarly, the copayment questions the consequence of Australians with private health insurance that may choose to cancel their private health insurance in order to pay for copayment fees. Access to healthcare will be based on ability to pay rather than speed creating an equity challenge. Furthermore, the government has also taken into considering the inequity of rural Australian’s, with the introduction of Medicare Locals program as mentioned earlier. Rural and remote Australians are considered to have poorer hea... ... middle of paper ... ...rden of medical costs. The efficiency of the public system is widely scrutinized with many complaints about waiting times to receive treatment. However, it is important to recognise that these people can seek treatment privately and receive it almost straight away but usually choose not to due to costs. The key concept forgotten in this example is the treatment is free. The Canadian healthcare system is no exception with often extensive waiting periods for elective surgery and other medical procedures. Australia is receptive to the health needs of the population and happy to make changes as necessary despite the time it may take for change. We can substantiate from the efficiency, equity and effectiveness that there is always room for improvement in both the Australian and Canadian healthcare systems however, to grow and move forward change and reform are inevitable.
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