Improving Public Higher Education System

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The education system has been changing in recent years and the same problems that existed continue to get worse as years pass. Problems that were seen as minor at first have now grown. How to change the public higher education system has been a major topic of discussion but there has still been no major action taken. We struggle to figure out how much funding is needed for higher education and where it should come from. Our people continue to suffer from an underfunded high cost system. The wealthy minority of people continue to be the only ones accounted for and it is time to change this. We need to adapt to the changes and the costs that continue to rise. It is time to help the struggling middle and lower classes. I believe that the best option to solve this issue is to approach it in a socialistic manner and provide free public higher education to every United States citizen. Going to college is a major decision and with making the decision to go to college comes major responsibility. The need for a college degree in the past few decades has increased exponentially and it seems like it is going to continue to grow. For almost all good paying jobs just a high school degree just simply is not enough. This is why it is no shock that more and more kids continue to look into college each year and try to better their future. However despite the hard work and dedication that is required to achieve a degree in a reasonable amount of time there are several other problems that they face because the system continue to fail them. Students continue to be put in tough positions just because of their financial situations and it is just wrong. Students have no control over what family they are born into and don’t deserve to suffer just because... ... middle of paper ... ...e free school but to restore the schools and help them function like they used to before. The plan will restore tenure and eliminate most adjuncts. The plan is designed to help the majority of the population and attempt to restore the decreasing middle class the country was built on. When it comes to public higher education opinions will vary no matter what, and it is impossible to satisfy everyone completely. However, with this being said it is very possible to satisfy the majority and to create a more supported system. I think that if free higher education is given a chance it will not disappoint and it will end up staying. I believe that it would be looked at as a major success for not only individuals but the growth as our country as a whole. For these reasons I believe that now is the time to make the move and provide free public higher education for the people.
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