Improving Nursing Image

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In the healthcare profession, the role that nurses play is increasingly vital to the delivery of quality care. Over the past century, innovations in technology have enhanced the ability of nursing professionals to treat and prevent illnesses and work in teams to deliver complicated interventions to patients. Furthermore, greater specialization across the medical field has also lead to the specialization of nursing. Today’s nurses can be called upon to deliver very precise care utilizing extensive academic and professional qualifications. Yet, the increased importance of nursing has not been met with increased prestige for the profession. Though today’s nurses are far more skilled than the predecessors of their profession, nurses, prospective medical professionals, and the public, all lack awareness of the true value of the profession. In order to enhance the esteem of nursing, public awareness campaigns, educational measures, and managerial decisions within healthcare organizations must be utilized to improve the perception that all members of society hold when interacting with nursing professionals.
Problem Overview
The reputation of nursing has failed to keep pace with the function that nurses serve in a healthcare setting. Though nursing was previously known as a profession that individuals could obtain with little post-secondary training, this reality is rapidly shifting. Because of the complex challenges that healthcare professionals face in the 21st century, nursing requires professionals who possess high levels of knowledge and skills that can be utilized in providing care to patients (Neilson & McNally, 2013). Though the previous generation of nurses might have been generalists, today’s nurses must possess specialized kn...

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