Improving Motivation Amongst HSS (Hospital Shared Services) Employees

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Hospital Shared Services is a security company stationed in hospitals throughout the city of Denver and the surrounding areas. The company works under a bureaucratic culture meaning it emphasizes rules, policies, procedures, chain of command, and centralized decision making. (Gibson, Ivansevich, Donnelly, and Konopaske, 2009) The majority of the security officers working for the organization comes from a military background, meaning they are use to the procedures followed in a bureaucratic culture. However, there have been issues involving pay freezes, better job opportunities, job security, and lack of communication within the organization. These four factors are well known among the bottom of the chain to cause a lack of motivation. Lack of motivation within HSS can lead to call-offs, tardiness, minimal job input, and negative biases toward the organization. Once this occurs, the organizational goals of the security company will not be fulfilled and may become noticed amongst corporate leaders at each hospital. Lack of motivation can also lead to a huge profit loss, such as no renewed contracts at certain hospital which leads to job loss not only among bottom officers but to corporate leaders as well. The question is how do we re-motivate our officers, reach our organizational goals with the possibility of expanding our clientele? Motivation During Economical Crisis In our current economical crisis, many employers have to figure out ways to keep their organizations functioning effectively and efficiently. Some of the major corporations had to choose the option of downsizing, pay cuts, and hiring freezes. According to the text,() money is a major extrinsic reward meaning it is external to the job itself. Although mone... ... middle of paper ... ... the organization. Showing all employees no matter what race, creed, religion, or gender you can advance in our organization. We will be able to measure this outcome through our employee demographics through the corporate headquarters and the equality of all members being promoted in the organization. Job security is a confidence an employee obtain that they will be able to keep their current job. In October, we lost one of our major contracts to a competing security company. References Gibson, J.L., Ivansevich, J.M., Donnelly, J.H.,and Konopaske,R.(2009). Organizations: Behavior, Structure, Processes (13th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin Hallowell, Matthew (Dec 2010) Worker Fatigue. Retrieved from ProQuest Salvage, Rhonda (July 2010) No Raises This Year? Secrets To Employee Retention in Difficult Times. Retrieved from ProQuest

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