Improving Mental Health Care Services

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It is no secret that our country is seriously lacking when it comes to managing the mental health issues of its citizens. Not only are mental health services expensive and not covered by many types of insurance, but mental health care providers are not always easy to find. To this end I have developed a career goal that is not something I see coming with a specific job title or one that I can see reaching without the help of others. My career goal is to use my background in both information technology and psychology to benefit those in need and to expand mental health care services into communities that are currently lacking easy access to the services. In order to reach this goal, it will take community planning and funding to obtain the equipment facilities and personnel. My idea is to use computers, tablets, and/or smartphones to allows patients and therapists to connect where distance causes an accessibility problem. This will cut down on travel costs on both ends and allow formerly uncovered patients to obtain care they could not reach before. Imagine being able to have a therapy session via Skype during a lunch break, while sitting in a car, or on a computer in a private room of a community center. Once access is easier to obtain other costs can be considered, for instance, once we have proof this plan works we may be able to obtain grants or convince the community and government to cover these services under insurance plans as us if it were any other form of health care. The reasoning behind my goal is that I live in a very poor area of the country and I Have seen firsthand how detrimental a lack of easy to obtain mental health care can be. My area has no access to mental health care without several hours of travel so ... ... middle of paper ... ...ll also allow for there to be little disruption in meeting should the therapist have the need to travel or move to another town. There are likely many other issues that will arise such as the fact that face to face meetings allow the therapist to see more minute aspects of a patient’s mannerisms but at a time when mental health care is so hard to come by any health care at all is better than none. With proper training this issue could be compensated for and with more advances in technology it is anyone’s guess what tomorrow will bring. After learning more about community psychology I feel as if I have more firm ground to stand on in regard to my career goals and a better understanding of how I might achieve this goal. This has been an idea I wanted to turn into a goal for a very long time but I was never really sure how I might begin to put it into action until now
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