Improving McDonald's Healthy Options

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Choice Of Topic
The fast food market had seen much intense competition but it seems that McDonald’s is able to have a major breakthrough. McDonald’s breakthrough is seen as a major impact of the influence by the fast food market. McDonald’s tagline is ‘I’m loving It’, as their intention is to enable everyone in enjoying their life to the fullest and their happy meal show their intense desire in bringing happiness to every customer, especially children, they serve.
Furthermore, results have shown that the most popular foods bought by youth in the USA were French fries, soda, chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers, and hamburgers. Happy Meals were bought by more than half of the 490 youth.
From the above statistics, we can see that McDonald’s is a strong influence to all walks of life.
Reasons for choice of topic
McDonald’s breakthrough has indeed brought happiness to children, but it can also be a negative force, causing unhealthiness, such as obesity among children.
Both happiness and unhealthiness are significant impacts as they affect the growth of our country, for example, if our citizens are happy, our workforce will probably be more productive, and thus improving the economy of our country and our whole society will be livened up. If our citizens are unhealthy, our workforce will not be operating at its maximum, again affecting our country’s economy.
Management Of future Developments aka Solutions
To expand the positive impacts of and diminish the drawbacks
The Plan:
To diminish the drawbacks (unhealthiness):
1. A healthy week, when McDonalds can offer discounts if customers have 100% Pure Minute Maid Orange Juice, Magnolia Hi-Calcium Milk or Smoothies as part of their meal and have fries switched to corn cup. Aims to promote the healthier options of fast food and encourage children to have the responsibility of choosing what they should eat.
2. McDonalds can have a digital nutrition calculator in stores where customers can make informed decisions for their meal as they will be aware of the dietary values of their food.
To expand the positive effects (Making people happy) :
1. Change the music genre in stores to fast-paced and cheerful as it not only helps to cheer the customers up but also helps to increase productivity and allow people to eat more quickly and clear their seats, killing two birds in one stone.
2. Have loyalty programs. For example, reward points can be exchanged for a free healthy snacks and when customers receive ‘rewards’, they tend to be happy.
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