Improving A Job At High School

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Maintaining a job in High School is a very important step for me to have successful college years, and career after. It has taught me how to work hard in both school and helped me to balance my schedule so I can continue to work and continue my education even at the cost of some enjoyable things. it has taught me the importance of money and finances. And has shown me I am a very driven person and really has exposed many areas of my personality i did not know where there. During the first two years of high school I did not have a job and i was homeschooled, which meant on average I got done with all of my schoolwork at about noon every day. I was able to do things that I enjoyed for most of the day such as video games, hanging out with friends, exploring in the woods next to my house, making youtube videos, watching netfilx and many other things. I have had to learn how to balance working hard in school and maintaining my job while pulling good grades and still making time for friends and family in the last few months. This is my first year of being in any public school classes as well so it has been a huge adjustment for me the past couple of weeks. It was easy in March of this year to finish my school at noon every day then go to work at two or three and not have to worry about any assignments or homework due the next day. All that has radically changed and it has been a big Herr 2 reality check for what college is going to be like next year. On top of all that I am also combining my junior and senior year together along with a few college level classes such as this computation class, intro to psychology, and intro to sociology; all vital classes to my future and major in nursing, which puts a lot of pressure on me to get very... ... middle of paper ... ...e and Herr 4 keep to themselves and also with people who have a little bit courser personality and say it how it is. But to me there is a fine line between saying how something is and having a opinion, and a person thinking they are better then me because of the label on there name tag. I have learned a lot the past few years in high school. By no means would I be one of the people who say “High school was the best time of my life” because to be honest I can not wait to be done! But it has been a great learning experience. Ive learned how to act in a class room setting, how to be independent and balance wants versus needs and what I want in a career, and what type of person I am and what type of people I will associate myself with. All of these are reasons why maintaining a job in high school has been a very important step to growing up, and becoming my own person.

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